Ice Sickle

Icicle, get it?

weapon (melee)

A very cold metal curved blade, set in a bone handle. The blade is constantly coated in a light layer of frost, and sheds pale blue light.

Moderate Magic Weapon
Scaling Enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls: +1 per 3 HD (round up) of wielder
Adds 1d6 Cold damage to every successful hit. Optionally, all damage may be Cold damage
On a critical hit, the target is automatically Slowed for 1 round

If the wielder has +6 BAB or better:
once per round, a hit target must pass a Fortitude Save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + Cha) or be Slowed for 1 minute.

If the wielder has 10 or more ranks in Spellcraft, Knowledge: Nature or Knowledge: Arcana, they may cast Icicle Trap once per day


Forged many centuries ago, the lost magic that created it has yet to be recovered – it cannot be bought from a vending machine. Many believe it was made for use against the Fire Giants.

Known owners: Vurasel
Current owner: Avariel

Ice Sickle

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