Harpy's Cord

Yes, another pun

weapon (melee)

A very thin cord, more like piano wire in fact, that has a pair of protective handles, and is looped in the middle like a noose. Essentially, is used for dropping behind someone, wrapping around their throat, then lifting off while pulling it taut. Either they’ll choke or their head will come off.

Exotic Two-Handed Melee Weapon
Damage: 1d8 (Medium), critical 18-20/x3


Attempt to establish a grapple as normal
Note that you must be able to reach the target’s head

Strangle: Make a grapple check. You do not automatically lose the grapple check if your opponent is two or more size categories larger than you are. If you succeed, your opponent is considered grappled and has started to strangle. You immediately deal your garrote’s damage. Your Strength modifier applies to this damage, and if that modifier is a bonus, you get one and one-half times that bonus if you use both hands in the attack. If you fail the grapple check, you don’t start strangling your opponent or dealing damage. Instead your opponent slips free and is no longer considered grappled.

Move in: You must move into the target’s space in order to maintain the strangle. Doing so provokes attacks of opportunity from threatening enemies, but not from your target.
Maintaining a Garrote Attach Once you have a garrote in place, have won the grapple check, and have moved into your opponent’s space, you can continue to deal garrote damage with successful grapple checks as often as you are entitled to attempt them. If you can make multiple attacks in a round, you can use them to attempt grapple checks to deal damage. The garrote remains in place until you release your opponent or until it escapes your hold.

Unless you used a locking garrote to make your attack, you and your opponent are considered grappled while you maintain the attack. You cannot attempt to pin your opponent during your garrote attack, nor can you attack with another weapon.

While You’re Being Garroted: Being garroted is just like being grappled, except that you take normal damage. You can attempt to escape the garrote by making a successful grapple check on your turn. You can also attack with a light weapon. Spellcasting is difficult, since you cannot use any verbal or somatic components. You may cast spells requiring only material components or focuses if you already have them in hand. If the spell is one that you can cast while being strangled, you must still make a Concentration check (DC 20 + spell level) to avoid losing it.

Cutting a garrote from your own throat is possible, but difficult. When buried in your neck, the garrote is AC 21. In addition, you take a -4 penalty on your attack, since you must try to avoid cutting your own neck. You
cannot use the disarm action against an attacker who has a garrote wrapped around your neck.


Harpy's Cord

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