Disgaea: Magic Tea Party

The first session

So I ran the first session tonight. Apparently I haven’t lost the knack. Also, the group is pretty quick – I figured they’d spend the first session getting their shit together and maybe deliver one invite. They got two done…

The party:
Harry Ghost Knight 3 with a black bear (Sam) for a mount, looking at being high DR and mass-hitting (TWF and Whirlwind)
Kwess Nekomata Samurai 3 (in future going into Rock Star, a PrCl we cooked up. TWF and Horde Breaker and Whirlwind means many many attacks)
Avariel Angel Jester 3 (TWF and PBS, oh hai I thought I’d flask you with Fire Traps. In future taking Divine Comedian, a Flasking/Jester PrCl I cooked up)

So they meet up with Content Not Found: Vurasel (totally not Etna), and she ends up asking them to deliver invites for her. She tried declaring them as her minions, they pointed out they’re the main characters, she ended up offering to pay them well (but no health insurance). So, in order to stop the magic tea party from being a terrible failure, they need to deliver invites to:

  • The three Medusa Sisters – former friends of Vurasel, but in an argument over statues, they left. She wants to make amends.
  • Sir Cobaine the Knightly, who guards a lake these days.
  • A Black Dragon in a swamp
  • A Kyton in the city of Jangling Hiter
  • A demon who hasn’t been found in a while

First they decided to go “That way” (there were recipients in three directions, they randomly pointed at a completely different direction, so with their bad Nav skills, we’re using a Warhams scatter die. It pointed them in the direction of the Knight). They spotted an ambush by orcs, and ambushed the ambushers…

Round 1: one orc does a whole point of damage to Harry, one does nearly half the HP of Kwess. Avariel then flasks two orcs to death, Kwess then kills 3 adjacent orcs, and finally Sam and Harry charge and obliterate the final orc. Bamf. Combat over in one round.

They then spend a night at an inn, the Dog and Duck. They eat Duck… with special sauce (guess. Hint: the inn has a name). Kwess, being a cat, is delighted.

They run off without paying the bill, so the head of security sketches their faces. This may come back to haunt them one day. They then encounter the orc camp that they were supposed to notice and wander past, but they instead enter it and do a performance, Blues Brothers style. This makes the orcs violent (and thus happy), and so the orc captain agrees to go to their concert (see: the tea party. Vurasel does not know about this. This can’t possibly go badly).

Finally they find Sir Kobaine… but when they convince him they can get the orcs to go do something else (see: attend the concert), he agrees to go to the party, seeing as the lake will be safe. None of them discover why the lake needs to be protected.

Next, they randomly end up (via the scatterdie) heading to the medusae. On the way they do a gig for a small town, and the town elder says he has been speaking with “Sam” (the bear – they decided the bear is the manager, so I decided the bear has full ranks in Diplomacy and stuff) and arranges for them to spend the night in the best hotel there, for free. Also he asks them to deal with… the Red Parrot of Pat Ferrick! When he mentions that it’s a giant bird, Kwess agrees fully, deciding to eat it.

So they do just that – it surprises them, and fails to do anything with the Colour Spray (Corollax advanced to maximum hit dice, so it’s Small), and then gets flasked and charged and stuff. It takes significant damage, but then successfully Stuns and Blinds the cat and ghost… only to get flasked to death. Not quite two rounds total. It is eaten. The party is gifted with “Geranium Lake” paint. They then invite the entire town to their concert.

And so they find the statue tower – a tower made out of statues – and meet the medusae. They talk the girls into attending the rock concert (“You don’t even have to speak to Vurasel, you can just steal her statues!”), but I’ll make them do some negotiator thing later on anyway. Then they decided to head off for the swamp… and the die says they’re going the wrong way.

Yes, one of the medusae tried her best to get them to stand still and pose so she could petrify them, but they weren’t having any of it.

We decided to call it a night there, and at 2/5 complete (and the early levels being rapid advancement), I seriously gave them a level. They’re looking forwards to new toys at the level 6-7 range anyway, so it can’t hurt.

So in the end? Only two actual fights, one of them a mook-squash that actually dealt a little damage (and still showed “PCs are awesome!”) and the other a “boss” fight that was actually harmless. And they got a surprising amount of stuff done, and are already providing things to work with for future stuff. Things are looking promising.



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