Disgaea: Magic Tea Party

Getting Things Done

So, second session! (Yes, it’s once per two weeks, allows for greater flexibility.)

So the group decided to make their way to the swamp, and got lost as usual. They found a series of pegleg-prints in the mud, suggesting Prinny activity, and saw an invite dropped there. Deciding they didn’t want to get their feet wet, they went to Vurasel to ask to borrow prinnies to use as rafts. A good enough Diplomancy check told them “yes, you can have three”. So the prinnies were forced to be rafts. The group then encounter Jeeves (note: every butler is called Jeeves), the dragon’s butler.

Jeeves is a Pump Kin/Jack.

And an assassin vine is ther too. But they politely drink tea with Jeeves (Kwess passes the Fort save against swamp water, Harry… is a ghost, Avariel uses sleight of hand to pretend to drink) and make friends. I should point out none of us like combat THAT much, so it’s easy for us to agree to let it slide without a fight.

Jeeves directs them inside, where they encounter the Children of the Corn: Corn Cob mages, yes.

They do a good enough job of confusing them that they get past and meet the dragon. He’s smaller than my dog.

He is delighted to be invited – although he has trouble reading it. “My eyesight isn’t what it’s going to be” (he’s a wyrmling, and making a reference to the fact that as he ages his Wisdom will improve, improving his Spot and Listen). They convince him to take Jeeves with him so that he doesn’t get attacked by adventurers on the way (a real threat for a black dragon), and they told him to just insure the place so if it collapses in his absence he can collect a pay-out.

Oh, also, they located him by Scent. Yay for racial abilities. He smells of sulfuric acid as I decided that’s the acid of his breath weapon. So ignore all the pictures, it isn’t green.

Anyway, after they leave, they “feed” the assassin vine, throwing a prinny to it. Let me bold the key words there.

throwing a prinny to it


The explosion didn’t hurt it, as explosions equal fire, and 1d6 isn’t getting past Fire Resist 10, but it attacks, and they murderise it in one round flat. Harry takes some actual damage though.

They then stay at an inn in a town, after performing on top of a statue in town square. They rest up, regain HP, and portal to Arborea (using a warp gate – Arborea is open-access for alignment reasons) to look for Primrose, the Empusa who is apparently missing.

Once there, they enjoy the sight, Kwess chases some rabbits… and they go find that Primrose’s house is foreclosed due to her being in prison. It has a number to call, so the cat starts shouting that number out… over and over again, until a subpoena for [Disturbing the Peace] is issued.

They follow the court summons, where the Dark Court is filled with prinnies, dood. They are found GUILTY, and each gain 3 Felony (no effect) and 15K Hell (GP: they can each buy another minor magic item later), as well as being sentenced to 4 floors in prison… where they need to meet Primrose anyway.

They find her arguing with the busty warden over a chest, and distract the pair with music… while they steal the chest (gaining a healing cake and a pair of glasses of Deflection-to-AC). They then establish who is who, and the Warden points out the rules: it starts with Rules 1 & 2 of Fight Club, has NO FUN for rule three, then moves onto the Gibbs rules. There are probably the Black Books rules too.

So they go to the next floor, where they meet a Dryad who wants them to go spreading chestnuts from her tree, so she can move further (she has not figured out she can carry them). They throw them about, hitting a Choker in the face, and getting into a fight with two Chokers and two Dire Badgers.

LONGEST FIGHT ALL GAME: almost three whole rounds, and like fifteen fucking minutes, holy shit.

They take damage but ultimately win, Kwess took the least and Primrose (being a useless NPC here) is on 1 HP… so bites the cat’s ear, doing nonlethal to gain temp HP. They then go up to the Blizzard Level (after telling the Dryad to just carry the chestnuts – Kwess wants to get her as a cohort later when she becomes a rock star), where they find a snow citadel. The door is snow, so they barge on in, meeting an ice mephit who says they can go up the stairs if they beat her in a dance-off.

Team “Engrish Title” (that’s the name of the band) vs Master of Ceremonies Mister Cavern, DING!

…MC MC actually wins, so the cat rushes up with her 60’ speed. MC MC gets pissy and uses Chill Metal on the ghost knight, who just switches his Resistance to Cold and gets through mostly unscathed. They all then just wander past, the mephit not going into combat, and they progress to a floor that looks like heaven.

Where there is a stairway back down to the Abyss. “It looks like someone bought… sunglasses.gif …the stairway to here”. They quickly get the Stairway to Heaven reference, and convince the Warden to go to the party with Primrose as a community service thing (as opposed to needing to fight her), sticking a Prinny in charge of the place: Officer Dood.

With that done, they wander down, back to the Abyss, and now have only one thing to go.

I left it at that, calling it a night. They gained an extra level each, and the Black Bear evolved into a Polar Bear for the knight to ride. I know that, at CR==level-1, it’s pretty damn good, but it hasn’t been contributing that much really. It’s all good.



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