This page is for a game set in the Disgaeaverse. Netherworlds are considered to be various layers of the various lower planes, allowing for the “Infinite Netherworlds” aspect. This also means players can actually become Overlords while still having foes as “big” as they are.

The blurb that started it all:
You are a merry troupe of planehopping adventurers trying to get piles of asymmetric power and have fun doing so. Lately, you’ve been visiting some of the nicer demon-cities in the abyss. While you were visiting the famous statue garden of Krotavrick (all people petrified for various reasons, then altered or reposed with magic and tools), you saw the Overlord of the city, Pretty Demon Queen Vurasel (Etna with the serial number filed off, for lower level parties). She seemed fairly distressed over something, and had decided that it was all a random underling’s fault. Perhaps scenting an opportunity for work, perhaps feeling some sympathy for the poor Cambion (it’s Prinny, dood!), you approached to ask what up.

Vurasel is concerned. She was planning this awesome magical tea party in a couple months, but a number of people didn’t respond to her letters, and she wouldn’t be so gauche as to teleport up and ask them herself. Besides, that might be seen as an attack. The demonic emissaries she sent haven’t come back either, maybe getting killed or distracted. Wait, you people are adventurers? Then you could go and make sure all the cool people come to her party. She’ll give you directions, and if you meet with any success, she’ll let you attend too. Get a substantial number of guests, and she might give you a nice house to use as a base of operations, a pile of souls, or a kiss on the cheek that grants Basic access to a Sphere.

Disgaea: Magic Tea Party